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北京赛车6码技巧:Discover the small secret! Which data can help to invest in small white bottom and top

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内容摘要: In addition, we often say:"When Aunt markets have begun to talk about the stock market going peaked", thesome data can help novic...

In addition, we often say:

"When Aunt markets have begun to talk about the stock market going peaked", the

some data can help novice friends to determine the current market position, these data do not need too professional and technical analysis knowledge is also very easy to inquiries from a number of channels:

01, the number of new investors

this data on the official website of the China Securities Depository and clearing Co., Ltd. can be queried:


current number of new investors to the basic on the left is a few 10, 20 tens of thousands. On

history, two major bull market early, this data can reach about 50-80 million and the end of the two major bull market, this figure is reached about 1.6 million -180 million.

02, Fund issued number and size

remember in January of this year, appeared on the market a few broken billions of funds issue size, as well as a break of 30 billion fund.

There have been several cases in which the size of the issuance fund exceeds 10 billion in the history. They are all in the bull market and are close to the end of the bull market.

In January of this year, , the new fund we even smelled the taste of the bull market when the sales were hot. However, when it was proved that the Xinfa Fund was eagerly subscribed, it should be noted that it might be at the top of the stage.

On the contrary, at the bottom of the market, investor sentiment was sluggish, and many new funds had difficulties in issuance, especially equity funds . External funds were required to be issued successfully.

With regard to the number and size of funds issued, our fund investors can easily obtain them from various fund companies or media channels.

03, Number of Net Stock Breakdowns

Breaking the net stock index is the price at which the stock price falls below the net assets per share.

Net assets per share is the balance of total assets minus the total debt to the price per share. is the equivalent of the underwear of a listed company.

This means that if the company goes bankrupt, it will press the bottom. The trousers are liquidated, or if we want to create another such company, we need at least a lot of money for this underwear.

As you can imagine, the new founder of such a listed company needs at least the price of this underwear, and the listed company's stock price has fallen below the price of underwear, then I might as well buy it directly.

So, if the stock price falls below the net assets per share, there are several reasons:

Either your industry is not doing, there is no growth in the future, and I have no value in buying your company; or the stock price of this company is undervalued. Either the current market conditions are very sluggish, and they are often at the bottom of the stage.

The latest number of broken net stocks is 80.

Historically, the number of stocks shattered in the post-disaster market in the financial crisis in 2008 was 175; the number of net stocks at the bottom of the market before the opening of the 15-year bull market was 147; the number of net stocks at the bottom of the period after the meltdown in 2016 was 53. .

from breaking the net shares owned industry point of view, recently breaking the net 80 stocks focused on: bank , real estate, electricity, steel and other cyclical industries, and 15-year lows before the market relatively similar.

However, the overall current-breaking net quantity is not too much not too small for reference purposes only. The number of shares you

broken net on each software stocks, or stock can query to the site.


amount to many times the amount of volume shrinkage mean, no one wants to buy and no one is willing to sell, the volume becomes very low.

market in general is extremely depressed state of the market also means a lack of incremental funding, the mood is not high.

appear if multi-day volume shrinking, market consolidation accompanied by low trading volume in a certain position, it indicates that the disk becomes almost.

Either there is a large Yangxian heavy volume, or it is a large Yinxian heavy volume decline, no matter what kind of situation, it will change the current stalemate, or shock panic funds, or attract new funds to enter the speculation.

Trading volume can also be seen in stocks trading software.

The above is just some of the data that can be easily judged by novice friends.

Of course, there may be bottom and top there may be top, these data can only serve as a reference and have certain prompting effect, but it does not have a special forecast effect.





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